As a client in psychotherapy you are entitled to work with me free of financial or any other exploitation. You may be assured that I will not have sexual contact of any kind with you and will not have social contact deliberately. If I meet you in a social setting I will acknowledge that I know you only if you first acknowledge me. As an ethical practitioner I do not form friendships with clients.

Any contact you have with me will be treated as confidential, with the following exceptions. I may take some of our work together to my supervisor to ensure that you get the best possible service from me. If you have been referred by your doctor, I will, with your permission, keep her/him informed of the course of our work together. Otherwise, I will only break this confidentiality if I have reason to believe you or someone else is at risk.

I am bound by the ethical codes of the following organisations:

New Zealand Association of Psychotherapists; New Zealand Association of Counsellors; the International Transactional Analysis Association: and Psychotherapists Board of Aotearoa New Zealand'Psychotherapists Standards of Ethical Conduct

Full copies of these codes of ethics are available on request.

Should you believe that I have behaved unprofessionally toward you in any way you may:

Take the matter up with me directly, with an agreed mediator if necessary


Write to: The Executive Officer
N.Z. Association of Psychotherapists
P.O. Box 17 361, Karori


Write to: The Health and Disabilty Commissioner
P.O.Box 11934,Manners St.


As my client I will ask you to agree to:

Keep me informed of any medical treatment you may be receiving.

Let me know if you believe your condition is such that you or any other person may be at risk.

Let me know if you are taking any recreational or prescribed drugs (including use of alcohol and tobacco).

Ring me only in cases of urgency (e.g., if you believe you may need hospitalisation), if you have an urgent need to change an appointment (preferably text me on 021 995 405) or if we have a contract for you to ring me.

Keep appointments you have made. If you are unable to keep an appointment because an emergency arises then you will inform me as soon as possible, so that I can arrange for another client to use the time.

Pay the agreed fee unless at least one full working days notice of cancellation is given.

Pay the agreed fee at the end of each session.

Give me honest feedback about what you find helpful and unhelpful during the course of counselling or psychotherapy.

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